Another Star Gone (08/25/2020)

The world of music suffered a great loss on Monday August 24th, 2020. Singer and Songwriter Justin Towns Earle died at the age of 38. Son of famous country star Steve Earle dead at age 38. Justin Towns Earle was a Singer mainly associated with country music. Much like his father, he saw success and gained great recognition as a musician. Justin Towns Earle was born in Nashville on January 4, 1982. His mother, Carol-Ann Hunter, was the third wife of his father, Steve Earle. His parents separated Justin was young, and he grew up finding inspiration from Mr. Van Zandt, who was his father’s mentor and sometimes tormentor. Justin was an inspiration to his fan base. His music helped them get through the tough times in their lives. “Over the weekend his family posted an Instagram announcement of his death, telling his fans, “So many of you have relied on his music and lyrics over the years and we hope that his music will continue to guide you on your journeys” ( It is beautiful to see how his music touched the hearts of his fans and helped lift their spirits while he suffered from his own battle. Justin was an abuser of drugs just like his father was known for. For him, this drug addiction started at the age of 12 and continued. “I always knew there was something different about the way that I used drugs and drank to the way that my friends did,” the younger Mr. Earle told the Scottish newspaper The Scotsman in 2015. “But it’s a wild thing to wake up when you’re 16 years old and realize you can’t stop shooting up” ( Justin’s fan base was not as big as other well-known musicians, but it was dedicated fan base, nonetheless. Fans of his music included stars from different genres as well as celebrities who were not musicians. “As news of Mr. Earle’s death spread on Sunday and Monday, fellow musicians and other cultural figures paid tribute. On Twitter, the English folk singer Billy Bragg, called him “a brilliant songwriter and generous soul.” The writer Stephen King said, “What a loss.” ( Justin Towns Earle was not just a musician. He was a son who grew up to the continue the legacy his father left behind. He did just that. No one can take away the impact that he left on the music industry and his fans. Justin let his works speak for themselves and did not claim that every song he made was about his life. His music was different and appreciated by those who listened. “In a creative burst, Mr. Earle recorded the songs for his 2014 album, “Single Mothers,” and his 2015 album, “Absent Fathers” together. Reviewing the latter, Jon Pareles of The New York Times wrote: “The music isn’t pumped up with arena-rock flourishes or computer tricks, and it doesn’t hide bruises and aches. It draws proudly on Southern soul.  Mr. Earle resisted the interpretation of such material as being straightforwardly autobiographical, though he acknowledged that much of it recalled his own experience” ( It is safe to say that the death of Justin Towns Earle will not be forgotten. The impact he left with his music was remarkable and one that was noticed by his fellow contemporaries as well. He will always be remembered as a man who dedicated his life to what he loved.


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