Potential Spike in COVD-19 Cases due to Labor Day Weekend (09/09/2020)

Many U.S. health officials were concerned over a potential spike in Covid-19 cases in connection with Labor Day weekend. These health officials were aware of possible Labor Day parties and other festivities where social distancing might not have been practiced or possible at all. While the threat was not deemed as evident due to there being no concrete evidence of any type of Labor Day celebrations, it was still one to be considered because of the ongoing pandemic.

It is important to note that, thankfully, since the new guidelines haven been in place of citizens being required to wear a mask and remain at least 6 feet in distance away from each other in public places, there has been a slow yet gradual decrease in the cases of Covid-19. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every place in America and the pandemic itself is not as close to being over as everyone would hope. “Since the Labor Day holiday, the university said it has seen about 70 new cases. And, that seems to be the same trend around other major Florida universities. Florida State University has had a total of 853 positive cases among students and staff as of Sept. 4. But on Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday, FSU posted on its website that “Florida State University administrators are aware of the increase of positive cases in the campus and local communities.” At the University of Central Florida, where more than 400 students have tested positive, leaders placed three sorority houses on quarantine and have suspended two Greek organizations for not following social distancing guidelines” (wtsp.com). It is unfortunate to report the rise in cases, especially at a large University where students frequent. However, it is to be expected after instances where social distancing guidelines were not being followed. It is also more difficult for the virus to be maintained at Colleges and Universities where students are living on campus inside of dorms. “It’s definitely hard especially for people living in dorms like with other people. Sometimes it feels like it’s near impossible to not, not get sick or not get contaminated,” Hart said” (wtsp.com). Even with following the guidelines that have been put in place, the danger of not being able to control the spread of the virus is still imminent.

For many health officials and citizens around America, the main worry is if, how, and when the pandemic will end. People are ready to get back to their normal schedules pre-Covid without having to wear masks all the time and be mindful of their distance from others. No one is enjoying living under these conditions; however, it has been the harsh reality as of late. The danger of a second wave of the virus is another concern as the country gets closer to the flu season. Doctors and citizens are worried if the double effect of both viruses will be more detrimental than what they have seen so far this year. The only apparent option currently as the world waits on an effective vaccine, is to adhere to the social distancing and hygiene guidelines and hope for the best.



2 thoughts on “Potential Spike in COVD-19 Cases due to Labor Day Weekend (09/09/2020)

  1. Hello Vashawn,
    After reading your blog, I agree; social distancing and mask have become our norm. Many people do not like it, they don’t agree with it, and some even challenge the premise of it. Unfortunately, those are the people who probably never had a family member or close friend pass a way from the virus. Also, it doesn’t help that the CDC constantly change their findings about what should/should not be done. However, I look forward to seeing your finish product, it sounds like a winner.

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  2. I am reading this and it is the just hard truth many choose to ignore. You did an outstanding job with this blog post, top to bottom. The University party culture is one of the main reasons why cases continue to spike, it is almost as if America is admitting to attempting to build herd immunity, without the concern of more people dying along the way. Many Americans do fear the longevity of this pandemic, and that was another key point you made. I think that American’s are stubborn, we all can be, so if the given the green light to completely open everything up, even with COVID-19 still at large? They will do it without hesitation.

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