Playoff Contenders? (10/09/2020)

When discussing football franchises and their ability to make the playoffs each season and their potential to reach the Super Bowl and win, the first team to come to mind isn’t normally the Denver Broncos. So what makes this season any different? Nothing honestly. You can assess the roster and see the potential their young players have to develop into stars, however, during the offseason and the start of the season, injuries have hampered the team’s overall success. With their star Linebacker Von Miller out for the season, starting Quarterback Drew Lock out for several weeks, and rookie Wide Receiver KJ Hamler out as well, Denver this year is missing key elements to their offense and defense. With a 1-3 start to the season, things aren’t looking too bright for the Mile-High players and their hopes for a promising season are dwindling week by week. Let’s not look at their situation all around negatively, they have won 1 game, be it against the winless New York Jets. Either way, a win is a win and for this young Denver team wins are just what they need to boost their confidence and push them to play at a higher level. It’s possible for this team to turn it around and become playoff contenders. Then again, that’s a strong maybe. A big “if”. One of the main struggles Denver is facing is at the QB position. Drew Lock was deemed to be the starter for the season and potentially, hopefully, the franchise QB. However, an early shoulder injury has left him on the sideline for 6-8 weeks. That is unfortunately a majority of the season and for the Denver Broncos, who haven’t been to the playoffs or Super Bowl since 2015, having a capable QB who can lead not only the offense, but the entire team to a winning season is important now more than ever. For a roster with as much potential as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had in 2016, another losing season could put a lot of people’s jobs in jeopardy leading into next season.

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