Another Election Has Come and Gone (11/12/2020)

Aside from the yearly holidays, sporting events, and musical celebrations, one of the most talked about events in the United States of America is the Presidential election. Taking place every four years, the Presidential election seems to always cause a divide amongst citizens. This year’s election was no different. With Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump up for reelection and former Vice President Joe Biden running for President, it almost seemed as if America was more divided than ever. With troubling opposing views being displayed worldwide regarding racial tensions, healthcare, and the economy, the out come of the election this year meant either four more years of perilous times or four years of a chance at new beginnings and hope. From in-person to mail-in ballots, being cast, Americans awaited the results of the election for nearly a week. Aside from the normal November 3rd date in which the results of the election would be announced late at night, voting stations took there time to ensure each vote was counted in what was an unprecedented election year. History was made once again this year as President-Elect Joe Biden won with the most popular and electoral college votes. It was a decisive victory nonetheless with him winning 290 electoral college votes. Now many Americans worldwide are waiting to see what Joe Biden does. They are waiting to see if he will keep his word and deliver on the policies and promises he discussed during his campaign. While he doesn’t get inaugurated into office until January 20th, 2021, many people are hoping to see changes come really soon. At this point, only time will tell what he has in store for the U.S.

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