Will we ever receive another Stimulus Check? (10/29/2020)

With Covid-19 still posing a threat to the lives of many worldwide along with steady financial uncertainty regarding jobs, careers, and the overall economy, many Americans have become impatient with stimulus relief package negotiations. Many Americans received a $1,200 stimulus check courteous of the CARES ACT passed by Congress back when the pandemic started in March. At that time, citizens questioned why the amount was so low and let their voices be heard regarding how a one-time payment would not be enough to sustain them during these perilous times. Many people are struggling to pay their money bills and put food on their tables for their families during this pandemic. Financial hopes rose a little bit with the talks of negotiations surrounding another round of stimulus checks were brought up in Congress. Some of the consistent issued being addressed were whether to provide another one-time payment or monthly payments, who would be eligible, and how much funding to provide to schools, healthcare workers, and small businesses. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the most optimism out of every member of Congress with her hopes of providing the American people with the assistance they desperately need. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reported some progress in advance of a Tuesday deadline for reaching a pre-election deal with President Donald Trump on a new coronavirus relief package, but the same core problems bedeviling the effort remain in place despite optimistic talk from the president and his team” (dailypress.com). In a divide amongst the Senate and the House of Representatives, the specific amount of another one-time payment along with how much funding to provide to education, hazardous workers’ pay, and to the United States Postal Service are the main roadblocks to voting on and passing another stimulus relief bill. The American people are looking to Congress to help them in their time of need and hopes of a new deal being reached, voted on, and passed are dimming. President Donald Trump supports another relief package and wants the overall amount spent on one to be as large as possible to provide citizens with the assistance they are seeking. The only issue with the President’s support of another deal is when he says it will come. “No second stimulus measure or direct payments will be approved before the election, President Trump conceded yesterday. Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said his administration will continue to negotiate but blamed Democrats for the failure to reach an agreement before Nov. 3” (masslive.com). The talks of a stimulus package being passed before November 3rd have lasted since September. The talks of another package in general have lasted since August. Citizens are having their emotions and financial situations played with day by day and week by week. One can only hope that they will get the help they need soon.




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