Mental Health and COVID-19 (11/13/2020)

Over the years everyone has experienced troubling times at least once. Whether it is anxiety due to school, work, or personal reasons or a global pandemic, assessing one’s mental health has always been important. Mental health and emotional health go hand-in-hand. Your mental state can lead to how you feel emotionally and how you feel emotionally can affect your mental state. Nowadays, the American citizens as well as other countries are dealing with the negative effects of COVID-19. Citizens have experienced trauma, financial hardship, loss of family members, and overall anxiety regarding current events. Now more than ever mental health is huge. It’s not hot on the market because it’s not an item people are selling, it’s a state of health that affects any and everyone all their lives. Mental health is what can keep someone going forward or prevent them from moving forward. Many different people assess their mental health in various ways. Some cope with music, meditation, medicine, and exercise. During the times we’re in regarding the pandemic, COVID-19 has plagued headlines of newspaper and outlets and has become cemented into people’s minds. This in turn has negatively affected people’s mental health at a higher rate than in the past.

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