Mental Health and COVID-19 (11/13/2020)

Over the years everyone has experienced troubling times at least once. Whether it is anxiety due to school, work, or personal reasons or a global pandemic, assessing one’s mental health has always been important. Mental health and emotional health go hand-in-hand. Your mental state can lead to how you feel emotionally and how you feelContinue reading “Mental Health and COVID-19 (11/13/2020)”

Another Election Has Come and Gone (11/12/2020)

Aside from the yearly holidays, sporting events, and musical celebrations, one of the most talked about events in the United States of America is the Presidential election. Taking place every four years, the Presidential election seems to always cause a divide amongst citizens. This year’s election was no different. With Presidential candidate Donald J. TrumpContinue reading “Another Election Has Come and Gone (11/12/2020)”

Will we ever receive another Stimulus Check? (10/29/2020)

With Covid-19 still posing a threat to the lives of many worldwide along with steady financial uncertainty regarding jobs, careers, and the overall economy, many Americans have become impatient with stimulus relief package negotiations. Many Americans received a $1,200 stimulus check courteous of the CARES ACT passed by Congress back when the pandemic started inContinue reading “Will we ever receive another Stimulus Check? (10/29/2020)”

Denver Broncos signed LB Nigel Bradham to Practice Squad (10/16/2020)

After struggling to maintain momentum on offense and losing their star Linebacker in the offseason due to injury, the Denver Broncos have signed a new Linebacker to their practice squad. The Broncos have signed veteran Linebacker Nigel Bradham to their practice squad shortly after their win against the New York Jets last Thursday night. TheContinue reading “Denver Broncos signed LB Nigel Bradham to Practice Squad (10/16/2020)”

Playoff Contenders? (10/09/2020)

When discussing football franchises and their ability to make the playoffs each season and their potential to reach the Super Bowl and win, the first team to come to mind isn’t normally the Denver Broncos. So what makes this season any different? Nothing honestly. You can assess the roster and see the potential their youngContinue reading “Playoff Contenders? (10/09/2020)”

Potential Spike in COVD-19 Cases due to Labor Day Weekend (09/09/2020)

Many U.S. health officials were concerned over a potential spike in Covid-19 cases in connection with Labor Day weekend. These health officials were aware of possible Labor Day parties and other festivities where social distancing might not have been practiced or possible at all. While the threat was not deemed as evident due to thereContinue reading “Potential Spike in COVD-19 Cases due to Labor Day Weekend (09/09/2020)”

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (09/30/2020)

Just in time for the holidays, Sony and Microsoft have unveiled the dates for the releases of their new Next-Gen Gaming Consoles. Sony plans to releases their PlayStation 5 sometime in November shortly following the release of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. The releases are as follows: Xbox Series X will be released on November 10th,Continue reading “Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (09/30/2020)”